Asked Questions?

Significantly increasing your fans (known as ‘Likes’) on Facebook will create a great base for you to market to. We supply you with 100% guaranteed fans (likes) to your page or profile, not just invites. We offer both targeted and non-targeted fans, you can select by location (Europe & USA) to ensure your fans are a suited to your page.

As well, we supply real targeted Twitter followers. When you purchase Twitter followers you’ll start to notice the “chain reaction” effect. The more followers you purchase and besides the followers we add, you’ll notice that more and more people will also follow you. It’s not uncommon to order 5000 Twitter followers and really end up with 30,000 or more!

How Do You Provide These Fans/Likes and or Followers?

  • We have access to thousands upon thousands of users on Facebook and Twitter, and invite mass targeted or untargeted quantities of users to your page in order to provide you with your required fans or followers. Users who join your page have already shown an interest in your company, product, brand or project, leaving you with a head start over your competition. Our Twitter followers have shown interests in a wide variety of topics and live in many cities across the world. We’re confident we can find a match for you!


Why Choose This Over PPC or Other Advertising Methods?

  • Once you have gained the fans on Facebook or the ordered Twitter followers, you can advertise to them over and over again. Facebook has news feeds and supports mass messaging that allows you to link directly to websites, photos, videos and any other media. Over 50% of Facebook users log in daily, giving you a huge advertising base to pursue. This creates a cheaper and more effective form of advertising over PPC, and is less intrusive than an e-mail campaign.


Will I Get Immediate Fans or Followers From Any Option I Choose?

  • Yes, you will see your fans or followers grow almost immediately after we begin your campaign. Your fans or followers will gradually grow over the time and eventually end when the amount of fans or followers you have ordered have been completed. Every day you will have new fans and or followers. Even after you have reached the amount of fans or followers you have ordered, you will probably find your likes and followers constantly growing.


Do You Offer a Guarantee?

  • Yes we do. If for some reason we cannot deliver all of your fans/likes and or followers, we will refund a portion, or all of your money depending on how many FB fans/likes or followers you received. If there is a dispute or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. We are not responsible for YouTube Video channels, and views that are added,  as they are controlled by Google, and we have NO control over.


What Will My Return on Investment Be Like?

  • We find the return on investment to be quite high on a constant basis. However, like any other service like ours, we cannot guarantee any R.O.I as once you get the fans or followers, it’s really up to you how or what you’re going to market to them. You get only what you put into things, right?


What kind of targeted Fans/Likes can you deliver?

  • We can add fans/likes based on your country of choice.


How long does it take to get the Fans/Likes?

  • How long does it take to see fans on my fan page? We start processing your order within 24-48 hours after you order. There may be a 1-3 day lag time between the time you receive your confirmation email and when you start to see fans on your page, but most orders will start immediately!


1,000 non-targeted fans generally take around a maximum of 1-2 days.


How do you add fans/likes to my page?

  • Likes and Followers has a worldwide network of Facebook fan pages, groups, and profiles with millions of Facebook users. We send suggestions/invites to our users (based on the targeting options you need) to like your page. Our method of adding fans means that you will get “opt-in” fans. Some people will like your page, and some will not. They are not forced to join your page – they have to agree and accept the fan page suggestion to like your page.


What kind of fans/likes will I get if I order non-targeted fans?

  • You will get a random mix of people from around the world. The fans could be from Canada, India, Japan, US, Germany, or any other country. The fans will be a random mix of ages and will be both male and female.


Do you need my Facebook password?

  • No.


Are you affiliated with Facebook?

  • No. We are in no way affiliated with Facebook.


Do you need Administrator access to my fan page if I order fans?

  • No. We do not need access to your page if you are only ordering fans.


Twitter Followers are chosen based on geo-location, interest or industry.


Why Untargeted Twitter Followers?

  • Untargeted Follower packages are ideal for extremely rapid follower growth. The followers are real people that could be from any industry and can be from any area of interest.
  • Please note that with this service you WILL have to follow other Twitter users in order to reach your order total.


What are targeted Twitter follower Packages?

  • Targeted Follower packages are ideal for specific industries or areas of special interest. * Keywords, user name and password are required for this package so that we can send you followers that are targeted to your specific business niche or area of interest. Remember, if you are marketing your products or services to people that are already interested in your area of expertise, then there is a much greater chance that they will purchase your products or services.
  • You will have to follow other users that are in your particular industry in order to gain your followers.


What are untargeted Twitter follower Packages?

  • Untargeted Follower packages are ideal for extremely rapid follower growth. The followers are real people that could be from any industry and can be from any area of interest.


I have placed my order. Now what?

  • Once your order is received, we will take note of the number of followers you have in your Twitter account before work begins. Once the specified number of followers have been delivered to your Twitter account, we will send you a status report via e-mail.


Is there anything special I must do? Or is there anything I should not do once you begin managing and growing my Twitter account?

  • There are no restrictions. There is nothing special that you will need to do. Feel free to login to your Twitter account at anytime to post tweets, conduct business as usual, and watch your account grow!


Why do I need to provide my Twitter login details in order to get followers?

  • We need your login information so that we can login to your Twitter account and begin the management and growth of your account. We use state of the art technology, and a proven system that we have perfected, in order to provide the highest quality followers at a very rapid rate. These followers will be real people following you in your Twitter account. Our service is the fastest, safest, and deemed to be the best in this industry. Our new service, which clients love, require no user name or password, and no follow.


Are my Twitter login details safe?

  • Absolutely! We take the security of your Twitter account very seriously. We do not store your username or password. Your Twitter username and Password is entered into our system initially, and then they are deleted. Once the management of your Twitter account has been completed, your login details are purged from our system and cannot be retrieved.


Will you post “Tweets” from my Twitter account while managing it?

  • No! Under no circumstances would we ever post any messages from your Twitter account. You are the only one who should ever post messages from your account.